EXIT Symposium March 29 - April 01, 2023

  Copyright: © G. Pradel

The EXIT Symposium 2023 is the finale of the first funding period of SPP 2225. In a three-day symposium, the project leaders and their teams will present their research achievements to date. The presentations will be framed by talks from international keynote speakers such as

Anton Aebischer (RKI Berlin)

Makoah Nigel Aminake (University of the Free State Bloemfontein)

Oliver Billker (University of Umea)

Michel Desjardins (University of Montreal)

Jost Enninga (Institute Pasteur Paris)

Maximiliano Gutierrez (Francis Crick Institute London)

Elizabeth Hartland (Monash Univiversity Melbourne)

Thierry Soldati (University of Geneva)

Isabelle Tardieux (University of Grenoble)

The EXIT Symposium takes place from 29.03.-01.04.2023 at the H+-Hotel in Brühl close to Cologne and is open to interested parties. If you are interested in participating, please contact the speaker, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Pradel.

The registration form for the EXIT symposium is linked here.