The three main technologies that are required by the SPP 2225 consortium, i.e. high-end imaging, proteomics and lipidomics, will be offered by two technical platforms in order to make the techniques available to all the consortium members, and to further guarantee high standardization and reproducibility.

Platform 1 “Integrated Proteomics and Lipidomics”

Directive PIs: Stefan Tenzer & Laura Bindila (University Medical Center Mainz)

Location: Core Facility for Quantitative Proteomics & Core Facility Lipidomics, University Medical Center Mainz.

Techniques: label-free quantitative proteomics and secretomics, quantitative phosphoproteomics, multiplex lipid quantification of inflammatory lipids and phospho- and downstream signaling lipids.

Platform 2 “Advanced light and electron microscopy”

Directive PIs: Michael Hensel & Katherina Psathaki (University of Osnabrück)

Location: DFG core facility iBiOs (integrated Bioimaging facility Osnabrück), at CALMOS (Centre for Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy Osnabrück).

Techniques: PALM/STORM, FLIM, CLEM and 2/3D-EM.